You may have noticed that over the last year activity on the project has reduced. Despite reducing, this project is still supported with future development planned.

Since our first release of Threadly in February 2014 the project has seen a wide range of expansion and improvements. The initial versions including significant API and even perspective changes as Threadly became incorporated in new use cases.

More recently with Threadly 6.X versions, and even changes towards the end of the 5.X branch, the project has become much more stable. Changes being more minor bug fixes or minor feature improvements. This has really been a representation of how the project has been gaining maturity. Usage of threadly has continued, and similarly support is also expected to continue. The current major version 6.X has been active for over a year, although with notably fewer releases. We are expecting to release 7.0 within the next year which will supply the removal of current deprecated API’s (Notably UnsafeAccess). This will also include the implementation of issue 256 to avoid the current needed access hack which may not be supported in future JVM versions. This work has been started, but not completed as currently there are no known JVM version limitations in using threadly.

We are always open to community requests for features, bug submissions, or any other changes you need to make Threadly useful for your needs. Or if current issues are important to you, comments are also welcome. Otherwise projects will likely remain fairly calm and slow as we continue to focus on stability and maturity.