Today we released 6.0 of threadly and 1.0 of threadly-test (which now depends on the new 6.0 threadly). To upgrade check out our major version migration guide, or if you want complete details look at the release notes.

With the removal of our deprecated api’s, and the move of our unit test tools to their own artifact, this notably makes threadly a smaller dependency. Not just caring about jar size, the goal here is that API’s will be easier to navigate to find the features which are useful to you.

We expect 6.X to be shorter lived than 5.X was. Primarily because of the need to migrate off Unsafe as the JVM continues to drop support for it. However, we needed to be able to update our minimum JVM version to be able to have Unsafe alternatives. 6.0 consciously had no minimum JVM update (still just requiring 8), but 7.X will have this update so we can continue long term support.