Details around a series of recent releases. These releases are focused around the `ListenableFuture` and include a variety of feature improvements and bug fixes.

On May 18th 5.20 was released which includes important bug fixes for communicating the “canceled” state after a map / flatMap operation on a future. It also includes internal performance improvements and minor features expansions (which can be read about in the 5.20 changelog).

Shortly after 5.21 and 5.22 was released, focused around another bug fix around canceling collections of Futures produced by FutureUtils.

Along the way we also made the change to use buildkite to perform our CI solution. Having talked with them I am pretty confident this will be a better fit for our needs.

As threadly continued to recieve more attention, today 5.23 was released. This release includes a small bug fix for the Profiler when used with the SameThreadSubmitterExecutor. This release also provides a number of improvements in performance with futures and other minor improvements described in the 5.23 changelog.</p>